October 19, 2007

turkey day

Yes, Thanksgiving is just around
the corner, but our "Turkey Day"
was yesterday!

First, my son IS a turkey. Enough said.

Second, while on the way to work yesterday, he and I saw three turkeys
in the big field on Hwy. 62.
We frequently see deer in that field, but turkeys not so much.

Third, my son has never been bowling. Never ever. Unless you count video games, which I don't. So, since Kevin is on fall break this week, the wonderful Mike D. (in blog world, that's "For His Glory", but don't bother, 'cause he hasn't posted since January!) took my son bowling.

First game: 67. Okay, that's to be expected the first time out.

Second game: 79. Not a bad little improvement.

Third game: 145. 145!!! Apparently, after Mike gave him some helpful coaching on when to release the ball, Kevin got a TURKEY - three strikes IN A ROW! He was pretty jazzed about it. (Thanks, Mikey!)


Sara said...

When I first read your sentence about Kevin going bowling I was bummed because I knew Mike had wanted to take him. Then I kept reading and found out that Mike did take him. That necessitated a phone call asking why I learn more about his day reading blogs than I do from him.

In his defense, I think I saw him for a total of 15 minutes yesterday due to scheduling conflicts, but still...going bowling is significant!

I'm still not sure that they didn't just go to the house and go Wii bowling!

Lesli said...

I know. I saw the missed d after posting, but forgot to go back & fix it later! My mind is gone! Ryan is starting to agree with me that I'm losing it.