March 26, 2008

it's lonely when all your friends jump off the bridge . . .

My daughter is texting me with vast quantities of wedding questions because she is bored in her Shakespeare class. (How is that POSSIBLE???? Is she not her mother's child? I LOVE Shakepeare!) Anyway, she is getting on my nerves, so I am going to blog about her.

The age-old question parents ask: "Why did you DO that???" To which the child replies: "I dunno. But everybody else was." Parental wisdom: "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"

The answer is yes. For both my children. But for different reasons. Neither of my kids are followers, neither would jump just because everybody else did, but boy are they both competitive!!!! (Where do they get this???)

For the purposes of the following comparison, we will assume here that bridge-jumping is not fatal, but merely stupid.

Here's how Kacey would jump: Everybody else has decided to jump. She runs to be the first in line, because she will not be outdone. She runs to make an instant jump - except . . . she is afraid of heights. Now she is standing on the edge of the bridge having second thoughts, as everyone else pushes by her and jumps, but doggone it, she has already decided to jump and she WILL NOT change her mind. After much internal debate and determination, and more than just a few tears, she jumps - not because anybody else did or didn't, but because she decided to, and for Kacey, making the decision is biggest battle. (This is my theory as to why she waited so long to go out with Nathan and why she said "yes" so quickly. She knows that once she makes up her mind, that's it, no matter what.)

Here's how Kevin would jump: He will stand at the bottom of the bridge and watch everyone else jump. He will critique their styles and methods, heckle them as they fall, and think through all the pros and cons of bridge-jumping. After everyone else has jumped and gone away, he will assemble the needed supplies and fortitude, climb the bridge and jump - with no one else watching. Then, of course, he will brag about how much better he did it than everyone else with no way to prove himself. (This is pretty much how he has done everything else in his life from potty-training to swimming to tying his shoes to reading to . . . you name it!)

I just read this post to Kevin and he laughed hysterically all the way through it. He knows it is so true!


Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious. So true. Right on target.

Except for the Shakespeare part. Shakespeare does NOT bore me! Dr. Parker with his Ferris Bueller like methods of teaching, and his cheesy 80's documentories on the life of Shakespeare and the culture which surrounded him...THAT bores the SNOT out of me!

Speaking of bridge jumping...I found a brochure for parasailing in St. Maarten last week ;)

Maude said...

Cheesy 80's? CHEESY 80's???

There was no cheese in the 80's, even in documentaries! The 80's RULED!!

*mutter. scoff. snort. mutter. young whipper snappers. cheesy. bah. mutter*

Lesli said... have just referenced jumping off a bridge & marrying Nathan in the same paragraph...hmm. :o)

~ Stephanie. said...

Disclaimer: The previous blog in no way is intending to compare marrying Nathan to the dangers of bridge-jumping. I have nothing but the highest regard for said future son-in-law and the entire Anderson family clan, with the possible exception of their dog, Einstein.

Nathan Anderson said...

You don't like Einstein?!?!?! What the heck??? HAHA!

Okay, all I have to say is...(disregarding the disclaimer) If you read the end of the Kacey part, the "no matter what" makes it sound like she should change her mind.... Just thought I'd point that out! Peace!!