November 20, 2008

countdown calendars and the warm feet policy

This weekend I will be housesitting for my favorite people and sharing a sleeping space with Topaz the Wonder Pooch, (that is, as long as he sticks to warming my feet and doesn't violate my "stay outside the covers" policy!)

I will also have the lovely little Miss Emily with me for the weekend. She is 3 and is spending her first prolonged length of time away from Mom, Dad and baby brother "Buddy". I am also hoping my niece (and maybe even my nephew?) will show up for the latter part of this weekend!

So to intercept any "homesick for my mommy" feelings that may arise, I have made what I am calling "Emily's Event Countdown Calendar" for the weekend, with progressive photos of all the exciting things we plan to do, including McNuggets and the cowboy's horses and a visit to the latest Kiddie-Fun-Place with her best friend, culminating in the return of Emily's sweet family. I thought this might help keep her weekend in perspective and give her something tangible to pass the time. Hope it works!

I tried this with Kevin, but "Kevin's Kountdown Kalendar" was a flop.
I guess gazing at a list filled with photos of taking out the trash, carrying boxes to the car, doing an English class rewrite, and watching t.v. with Mommy just didn't hold the thrill for my 15-year-old that I thought it would. :o)


E.T.'s Mom said...

We don't know what to call you anymore because "Stephanie the Wonderful" is just not enough. Philip tried "Stephanie the Better than Wonderful" but it just doesn't have the right ring to it. Sounds like a perfect weekend! We're just afraid she won't want to come back home!

~ Stephanie. said...

Awwww . . . shucks. I'm just hoping to entertain her enough that she can temporarily not miss her "better than wonderful" family!

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Stephie! Your amazing. Im soo happy I get to spend some time with you!!!

Kacey Leigh said...

I'm jealous. You and Lindsay pack up and come see me for thanksgiving. You can bring Emily too.

Then the countdown calandar can include decorating a Christmas tree!!!!