April 17, 2009

i choose to think of it as a genius flaw

Okay, I have this “quirk” in my brain. I have a hard time “seeing” certain things . . . like how to use a sewing pattern, or how to correctly miter corners, (trust me, the inability to properly miter corners becomes an issue at least once a decade), or these horrendous IQ test problems:

Which solid could you make by folding the pattern on the dotted lines?

Uh . . . E. a Chinese take-out box?

Apparently I have “mental rotation” and “spatial relation” issues. I choose to think of it as another “genius flaw”, much like wearing my shirt inside-out all day long. Only much more frustrating. Much, much more.

When Kevin was in-utero, I was sewing this snuggly-thing for him. Basically it was a fleece wrap with feet, wings and . . . a hood. I TRIED to follow the pattern. Really, I did. But after sewing the hood on backwards at least 3 times, I gave up. Then at 35 weeks pregnant, I had to put myself on bedrest. (The frustration with the snuggly and the bedrest are supposedly unrelated . . . I have my doubts.)

Anyway, after a week on bedrest, my nesting instinct got the best of me and I just HAD to vacuum the house and FINISH that stupid snuggly which had been spread out on my kitchen table the entire time. Vacuuming, I am happy to say, went just fine. Sewing however, did not. After multiple times of attaching the hood in various incorrect ways, I yelped a scream of attack, much, I imagine, like a Pygmy warrior battle cry, and threw a spool of thread against the wall. (This is, VERY UN-ME-like.) My husband came in to console me and then asked, “You want me to finish it for you?”

Finish it FOR me?!?!?! NO! This is a matter of principle! A matter of pride! A matter of doggone-it-I’m-an-intelligent-human-being-and-I-am-capable-of-sewing-a-stupid-hood-on-a-baby-snuggly!!! Besides, he had never even used a sewing machine before. So . . . I said “SURE!” knowing he would mess it up and see how hard it was!

He sat down to the Singer, put his foot to the pedal, and zapped that sucker right on the first time. Took him all of 45 seconds.

It’s hard to be grateful and furious at the same time.

Labor started a couple of hours later, so grateful won out.


Kacey Leigh said...

Next time, call Dwight and he'll give you his yellow shirt. You won't need a snuggly.

E.T.'s Mom said...

Haha. That is a great story. Really, which paper company would you choose? I want to know.

I have the "spatial relation" issue, too. It means I don't have to load the car or the dishwasher anymore, so I'm not so sure I'd call it a flaw.

~ Stephanie said...

I would choose Dunder-Mifflin, 'cause I don't think the Michael Scott Paper Company is going to be in business very long. :o) Besides, Jim is cute.

E.T.'s Mom said...


Ashley said...

Um I must have issues too because that paper box foldy thing? I can make it but I can't imagine what it'll look like without just doing it.

I have a solution for your song booklets. Just leave an extra margin on BOTH sides. There, I fixed it!

HW said...

That poor shrouded little baby cracked me up.

Spatial Relation issues? I love that. Now I can say "Um...I'm so sorry but I suffer from SRD-Spatial Relation Disorder - so I'm unable to help on that decorating committee. Also, the fund raising committee, and the advertising comittee...."

So glad you stopped by my blog. I look forward to keeping up with yours.