September 12, 2009

41 at 2:31

At 2:31 yesterday morning, I was awakened by my son standing in my bedroom doorway.

He said, "Is it 41?"

"Is it what?" I asked sleepily.

"Is it 41!?" he repeated adamantly.

"HUH?" I questioned.

"41!!!" he insisted.

"Oh! Yes, honey, it is 41, now go back to bed."


From time to time my son sleepwalks.

Can be quite entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Now that is entertaining! I just hope he doesn't do that when he's at our house...i'd hate to see Ted startled at 2:41 am. :-)

Kacey Leigh said...

Haha wow this brings back sooooooo many memories...

janjanmom said...

It's a good thing I don't sleepwalk or talk in my sleep. That would be scary for everyone!!

I never want to see Ted startled.

41 what?? Red balloons?