November 17, 2009

a beautiful system of communication

Last weekend at the Youth Conference (Celebration), my co-chaperone and five of our high school girls had a couple of really great late-night girl talks in our cabin. Laughing, crying, sharing . . . the usual heavy, deep and real estrogen-laden conversations. My favorite form of "bonding".

On the last day of Celebration, Aymee mentioned to my son just how much fun we had with our girl talks, then she asked him if the high school boys had experienced similar bonding times.

Kevin replied, "Uh, that'd be a no. We stayed up late watching 'Snakehead Terror." (Which, based on the title, sounded pretty cheesy but I recanted when I discovered the plot: Bruce Boxleitner and Carol Alt battle against mutating fish.)

Aymee was clearly dismayed by the startling revelation that boys don't really do "boy talk" in the same way girls do "girl talk", and she struggled to understand why boys prefer to live like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

Kevin explained, "Men don't share their feelings, we watch tv. It's a beautiful system of communication."


janjanmom said...

Better that she learn it now!! It is so much tougher to learn after the wedding and the children. ( ;

Aym's said...

Haha I love it Mrs. Stephanie! :)

MichaelPolutta said...

Perhaps the exception proves the rule, but "back in the day" THE CREW from PBC had an annual retreat and the highlight was our CREW TALK. Straightforward conversations to sharpen each other and deepen our friendships. My favorite day of the year when we had those. I cherished the feedback and the opportunity to bless my friends.