April 30, 2010

his and herpfest

Today was . . . emotional. Not in the traditional "Steph is on the rollercoaster ride today and is weeping for no reason", but the non-traditional "Went on a herpetological field trip with several friends and their kids and turns out our tour guide was the first guy I ever loved and who still had all his hair when I saw him at my sister's funeral 15 years ago." Wow. I think he saw me before my eyes even adjusted to being indoors, and I was greeted by a "Hi Stranger" from some cute old guy with a corn snake around his neck. The next thing I know, my heart is pounding a million beats per second, my face is flush, and all I can think is how different I look now than I did in 1995, and how it really stinks to be old and, well, not thin. So in-between running the gamut of reptiles and amphibians, we did a bit of catching up. I was my usual sarcastic, insult-comedian self and he was mostly sweet, though he did throw in a couple of good zingers (some smart-alec comment about how he might be bald, but at least he doesn't color his hair!) to which I feigned protest, but since it's true, it was fake feigning. Lindsay (my niece) was with me, and he recognized her instantly, though they'd never met. He took one look at her and told her she was gorgeous just like her mom. (Which, with the exception of their hair color, is completely true.)

So, our field trip consisted of tree frogs and vipers and salamanders and all manner of cute and slimy and scaly and venomous and spotted herps . . . and one ghost from my past. I don't know if the 15 kids we took today had fun at Herpfest, but I think I did. I say "think" because after I got back to the car I had a good cry. It stinks to be old and hormonal.

After Herpfest, we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa, and I saw another "old man" at the restaurant who called me by name, but who, for the life of me, I couldn't place. Turns out we were friends in high school. It stinks to be old and forgetful. Now Lindsay and I are watching the Best Chick Flick Ever, so I can continue to educate her pop-culturally. (Yes, it's a word! If you want to know what the movie is, here's a hint: Daisies are the friendliest flowers.) Kevin has hit the sack early because he is taking the S.A.T. in the morning.

It's now after 11, and I was hoping to stay up for another movie, but I'm getting sleepy. It stinks to be old and, well, it just stinks to be old.

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