December 01, 2010


1. A tiny little boy is separated from his family.
2. When his mother finds him, he is thousands of miles from her.
3. His 5-year-old sister saves her coins, one at a time, to help save her little brother.
4. Legal red tape keeps them apart for months upon months.
5. His parents scrimp and save and pray every day for their son who, halfway around the world, doesn't even know they miss him.
6. After a long, long time, the precious little boy hears that his family has found him and is coming to get him as soon as they possibly can.
7. You buy a t-shirt.


Okay, so it's not a movie. At least not yet. It's the story of my amazing friends, Philip & Sara, who are adopting a little boy with special needs from an orphanage in west Africa. The legal work is nearly finished, their son DOES know they are coming to bring him home, and you CAN help write the end.

They need to raise $15,000 dollars to finish this journey.
Sound like a lot of money?
How much are your children worth?

Go. Seek. Love.

Seriously, go seek love. As in and buy a t-shirt. Or buy 2 t-shirts. Or buy t-shirts for your whole family. If you do it before December 13, this sweet family gets the proceeds donated to their adoption fund.

You are likely to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars this season to spoil your children, indulge your appetite, take a vacation, and deck your halls with boughs of Hallmark . . . while this little boy waits in an orphanage for his dad and mom and sister and brother, who are already crazy-in-love with him, to come get him and bring him home.

Come on, if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, your name must be Ebeneezer.

"God bless us, one and all." Now buy a t-shirt. Please.

(If you would simply like to make a tax-deductible donation, please email me - and I would be privileged to help you do so. Also, you can click HERE to read about their adoption journey. Merry Christmas to you all.)

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