November 02, 2007

raindrops on roses . . .

Thruchildseyes thinks she’s old because she has a favorite winter squash! Oh, Sara, you are a funny funny girl! This prompted me to think of:

Things I enjoy now that I hated when I was a kid . . .

Onions . . . Hated them as a kid, but developed a SERIOUS craving for them with my second pregnancy that never when away! I could eat them raw like an apple now, except that nobody would ever want to carry on a conversation with me!

Watching the news . . . as a kid – BORING. Now I could be a news junkie if I let myself.

Going for drives . . . my parents use to haul us around on Sunday afternoon drives a couple of times a month. It was sheer torture. Back seats. Sunshine. Getting carsick. Nothing to do but think about all the cool stuff you COULD be doing if you were at home. Now I look forward to it as a great time to pray, or catch up on new music, or have a great conversation with somebody I enjoy one-on-one time with!

Getting up early . . . you gotta be kidding!? Really, up until just a couple of years ago I could give a wintering grizzly a run for his hibernating money. Sleep was a valuable commodity. Now, well, I just don’t seem to sleep much and don’t seem to need it. (You know, a person can only use so much beauty sleep - once you look as good as I do, it's really just a waste!)That makes getting up early kinda cool. Watching the sunrise, writing notes to friends, reading a good book – there’s got to be something wrong with me.

Things I liked as a child that I don’t like now . . .

Sleeping until noon . . . reference “getting up early” in the previous category

Gilligan’s Island . . . apparently my I.Q. went up 70 points once I stopped watching it.

Skipping church . . . RARELY happened, but I always enjoyed when it did! If I missed now, I would feel like I was being taken off of life-support!

Childlike things that I liked as a child and STILL like . . .

Snow . . . Looking at it more than being out in it, but still, I’m a sucker for a Winter Wonderland.

Chocolate milk . . . 2% + 4 spoons full of Quik – stirred, not shaken. And not with Chinese food.

Reading . . . A habit I am happy to still have and happy to have passed on to my kids.

Playing Games . . . Any kind, any time, anywhere – I LOVE to play games. Silly games, serious games, card games, word games, doesn’t matter as long as it’s not Monopoly or Risk! I'm a good loser, but a "gloating" winner!

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