December 11, 2008

blog written. comments left. world unchanged.

Apparently Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to compose a complete story in six words. His answer, personally felt to be his best prose ever, was
"For sale: baby shoes, never used."

I took on this challenge a few nights ago at Mike’s request (he had some really good ones he was entering in a contest)

and so I came up with a few of my own:

“Love letter remains sealed. Died alone.”
“Two enemies. One weapon. No survivors.”
“Husband missing. Garden flourishing. Mystery solved.”

I enjoyed my quirkier ones, though not quite stories:
“Freaky carnival girl: my ‘fair’ lady”
“Sick of the airport - terminally ill”

Did this for a few hours. Began thinking in six word phrases.
“Getting really sleepy. Time for bed.”
“Your mom called. Please call back.”
“Laundry is done. Will you fold?”
“What’s for dinner? Whatever YOU fix!”

You get the idea.

Then Kacey and I turned it into a game that we played by text.
“Name that movie in six words.”

“Wish granted. Mother, daughter trade lives.” (Freaky Friday)
“Silly actors wear big Mexican hats.” (Three Amigos)
“Theme park dinosaurs escape. Eat tourists.” (Jurassic Park)
“Sleepy writer. Stolen story. Shoot her.” (Secret Window)
“Teens play video games with military.” (Wargames)
“Metal flowers. Blush, bashful. Kidney failure.” (Steel Magnolias)
“Shark attack. Gonna need bigger boat.” (Jaws)

Then we had fun doing only Will Smith movies:
“Impoverished Will Smith kicks advertising butt.”
(Pursuit of Happyness)
“Lonely Will Smith kicks epidemic butt.” (I Am Legend)
“Robots attack. Will Smith kicks butt.”
(I, Robot)
“Aliens attack. Will Smith kicks butt.” (Independence Day)
“Aliens invade. Will Smith kicks butt.” (Men in Black)
“Aliens invade. Smith kicks butt again.” (Men in Black II)

We started to sense a theme.
Game seemed pointless. Exercise in futility.
It was late. Time for bed.

May you dream in six words.


MichaelPolutta said...


Here's an easy one.

Farm boy. True love. Humperdinck suffers.

A harder one, but still not hard.

Bite. Shoot. Swing. Kiss. Rescue. Alone.

Still want to come up with a hard one.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

HAHAHA you crack me up steph...

janjanmom said...

Plane crash. Ball friend. Girl gone.

Green Who. Steal Christmas. Happy ending.

Pretty Ho. Rich man. American classic.

Comments left? Not Janjanmom. So sad.

Kacey Leigh said...

Princess Bride.
Pretty Woman.

Now for a few more...

Fancy car. Crazy Doc. Flux Capacitor.

Kilted hero. Flaming arrows. Tortured freedom.

Fish nets. He had it comin.

Doctor fights one-armed man.

Scary Italian makes an unrefutable offer.

Atlantic's two less than a baker's.

Five criminals band together. Keyser's revenge.

Sheltered people fear the "red" woods.

Good luck :)

~ Stephanie. said...

Gimme a challenge, woman! And "Doctor Fights one-armed man" is 4, maybe 5 words - not 6. Good thing you're pretty.

Back to the Future
The Fugitive
The Godfather
Ocean's Eleven
The Usual Suspects
The Village

Fun, though!

Kacey Leigh said...

I meant to type "a" one armed man. I forgot that one little letter and you heap on all that abuse...come on now...