March 09, 2009


The Pros and Cons of being "this age":

PRO: I have WAY more patience with people.
CON: I have way LESS patience with THINGS.
PRO: I no longer have oily hair.
CON: My crow's feet personally keep Oil of Olay in business
PRO: I enjoy reading more.
CON: I have to have my 1.75 reading glasses to see the 12-pt font.
PRO: I have more money to spend.
CON: I spend more money.

PRO: I have a multi-layer personality.
CON: I have a multi-layer neck.
PRO: I am a better listener.
CON: I can’t remember what you told me.

Just a little food for thought. :o)


Ashley said...

PRO: You rock. Period.

Ashley said...

PS - I had a really great time seeing you today! I was so glad we got to get together!

OUR FAMILY... said...

PRO: I'm not 40 yet
CON: All those things apply to me :-(