November 13, 2010

amendment a

Friday I was awakened by the cowboy's alarm clock at 4:15 a.m. (because he has four new calves to feed), so yesterday doesn't count. Today I am in Indy with the kids, sleeping on the futon. I woke up, checked my ipod (which was still on, because I fell asleep while watching "Arrested Development" on Netflix), and . . . 5:38.

We are, of course, on Eastern Time.


janjanmom said...

Is the misspelled word intentional???

Sometimes I am a bit slow getting your jokes, sometimes they go over my head, but sometimes I get it and laugh hysterically.

In other news: You are very missed this weekend.

~Stephanie said...

Misspelling? WHAT misspelling? I have no knowledge of any such thing. You must have read someone else's badly proofed blog title before you read mine. Shirley I would not misspell ammendment, er, amendment. Who, me?