November 05, 2010

oreo speedwagon

I love my new little minivan. Mostly. See, I've had this Honda Odyssey for ten weeks now, two-and-a-half months, seventy days, and I CANNOT GET USED TO THE STUPID BUTTONS!!! Everything is backwards. Granted, I've been driving Ford products for the last two decades, but sheesh! The gear shift is on the dashboard, not on the right side of the steering column, so every time I try to put it in reverse, I wash the back window. The back wipers twist to turn on, the front wipers click up to turn on, though if you click up three times, the back wipers still come on. If you click down, the back wipers will squirt fluid and start to swish. The headlights are on the left of the steering column, where the wipers SHOULD be, so every time I try to turn on the headlights, you guessed it, I wash the back window. And who KNOWS where the blinkers are, as I have to search for them each and every time. The door buttons pull back to unlock the car, but push up to unroll the windows, so when I attempt to lock the doors, I roll down the windows instead. And the handle to pop the hood??? Let's just hope I don't have engine trouble any time soon. Though if I do, you can rest assured I will have the cleanest back window in the Honda service department.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Ah yes, and yet your minivan inspired what will be posted as my thankful thought of yesterday.

mnpolutta said...

It's good to have a clean back window!