March 17, 2011

phone ring, ring of fire, ring-tailed lemur

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been more than 2 weeks since my last blog post.

Sunday, WHILE I was teaching the high school Bible class, my phone rang. The teens all gave me this "UUUuuuUUUMMMM, Miss Stephanie, why is YOUR phone ringing in class????" But I knew why, and when I answered the phone and began saying things like "When did your contractions start? How far apart are they now? Has your water broken?" they knew why too. I ran home, (if you know me, you know to never take that phrase literally), changed into appropriate doula attire (comfy shoes and clothes that dry quickly and don't show goo), and headed to my 22nd birth (17 of them completely natural). And, despite a mom who began a 23-hour labor already tired, she gave birth to a lovely little 6# 14oz baby girl. On Monday, I slept, and then I took a nap, and then I slept some more.

Last weekend, my best friends brought home their newly-adopted son from Ethiopia. We had a welcome-home celebration for them at the Nashville airport, complete with grandparents and old girlfriends and siblings and youth group kids and closest friends and camp friends and college roommates and other adoptive families and a musician (okay, he just happened to be playing guitar where we were, but we requested "Ring of Fire" anyway) and a professional photographer. Oh, and my beautiful daughter and granddaughter who drove 5 hours JUST to be there. The plane was scheduled to land at 3:19, then it got bumped to 3:27, the miraculously to 3:09, then 2:57 (apparently a caped Clark Kent was pushing the plane) and so we all gathered at the security gate, balloons and posters and cameras in hand and waited. And waited. And, oh my goodness, WAITED. We think they must have stayed on the plane to catch up on their jet lag! But FINALLY they walked through the gate, and it was as special as any birth I have ever been part of (Mayah's excepted.) And seriously, have you ever seen a CUTER little boy??? Amazing day.

Finally, Tuesday I saw a man on the interstate, walking back to his vehicle, carrying . . . a slightly bloated, very dead raccoon. I console myself, and my queasy stomach, by assuming he mistook it for the extremely rare Kentucky ring-tailed lemur and was taking it to a taxidermist. Yes, I'm certain that is what he was doing.


NinjaPrincess said...

Haha! Is there any song more perfect for a birth/bringing a child into a family than "Ring of Fire"? I think not! My memories of the pain of natural childbirth have faded significantly, but I remember that. Oh, yes. Yes I do.

So happy for your friends!

~Stephanie said...


I never thought about "Ring of Fire" in the sense of crowning and birthing! You made me - AND my son - laugh out loud.

Kacey Leigh said...

I liken it to something akin to doing the splits over a crate of dynamite. :-D

But your analogy is pretty dead on too.