April 09, 2011

mother's not quite herself today

Outside my window... everything is a soft spring green. Each time I look outside, I am reminded of the ice storm of 2009 which took my redbuds, my Bradford pear, and my forsythia, leaving my spring yard devoid of color. Everything for a reason . . .

I am thankful... for being able to find the humor in life. Even if the humor is, more often than not, seriously sarcastic.

I am wearing... vitamin E moisturizer from head to toe because DANG, my 47-year-old skin feels like an out-of-swampland alligator.

In the learning room... in reading "Mental Floss" this week, I learned that the sound effects for the famous shower scene in Hitchcock's "Psycho" were actually created by repeatedly stabbing a casaba melon. I also learned that Donald Duck's middle name is "Fauntleroy". Man, I feel smart today.

I am remembering... that I need to fix a side dish of some sort for our small group tomorrow, which means I will have to actually go into the kitchen today for some reason other than "to get a cookie". I'm just sayin'.

I am going... to the kitchen to get a cookie. Be right back.

On my mind... You. And Willie Nelson. Always.

Around the house... the intense smell of diesel fuel. The cowboy decided to take a shower in it while he was filling a gas can. His clothes have now been through the washing machine at least 6 times, but the fumes are still permeating my breathing space.

One of my favorite things... I don't pick favorites. You know that. If I picked a favorite, that would entail actually making a choice. And I rarely make choices for fear of making the wrong one. What if I make a wrong choice and then have to live with the consequences? No thank you very much. I will just sit here in my jeans with my bare feet and look at pictures of Mayah and Cohen while blogging on my laptop and listening to a little Switchfoot and sipping on a cafe mocha and wishing my ipod was working so I could play Words with Friends. But I will not be picking favorites today.

P.S. - I have no idea what the entree is for our small group tomorrow. I'll fix corn. Corn is like beige carpet or blue jeans . . . it goes with everything, right?

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Sara said...

It's nice to have a glimpse into your day. I had some sweet and sour chicken at a lovely sushi place last week. I thought of you.