February 01, 2012

six-word snow stories. seeking solutions.

I love snow. Did you know? Love it. Some of the best memories of my life are wrapped up in this frozen water-wonder. Stirring homemade hot chocolate. Building snowmen. Driving through Land Between the Lakes. Snuggling. Warming by the wood stove. Sleeping late on snow days. Creating snow angels. Bundling up so thick with layer upon layer that you can hardly move. Catching snowflakes on your tongue. Watching the Northern Lights from the nursery window over a snow-blanketed city. Breathing in the ice cold air and watching the whole world turn white. Love it. Love it. Love. It.
This winter, not so much. Our average high temperature for January this year has been 50 degrees. FIFTY. It's like perpetual November. We've had a couple of wimpy little flurries that melted off before lunch, and I have only defaulted to wearing socks maybe 5 times and a coat only twice. Not even a coat, really, just a jacket.

But I haven't been Snow Happy all winter. Not a single day of 'roads too icy to drive' or 'snow too deep to get out in'. (Which, for the record, is 5" for Kentuckians. For Alaskans there is no such thing "too deep to get out in".)

As January draws to a close, I will live vicariously through some of my favorite "snow movies" in the form of a quiz. You KNOW how I love my movie trivia. :) So, in the succinct tradition of Hemingway, I will give you a 6-word synopsis, you can guess the film.

(Special Kacey challenge: Six-degrees of Kevin Bacon for each answer.)

1. One dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty below.

2. Morgan Freeman narrates Emperor's Antarctic mating.

3. Frozen alien thaws. Digests Antarctic researchers.

4. Through the armoire, Lucy finds winter.

5. Kidnapping. Pregnant sheriff. Wood chipper. Ya.

6. Global storm. Kids stranded. Quaid rescues.

7. Yukon gold panner loves wolf-dog.

8. Crazy Kathy hobbles captive Caan. Ouch.

9. Isolation at Overlook. Redrum. Here's Johnny!

10. Who's the fairest of them all?


"Take a deep breath. I smell snow. It’s coming. It’s just my favorite time of the year. The whole world changes color. I love snow. Everything’s magical when it snows. Flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in, I’ll take it. Sleigh rides, ice skating, snowball fights, I’ll even take curling. I love curling.” ~Lorelei Gilmore


*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Surprisingly I know 9 out 10 of these, but I'm going to go with 5 even though 8 is my favorite movie even if Kevin hates it.

5. Fargo "So he was a little guy eh'?"

I too long snow and hate that it has not graced my presence this year. Snow even seemed to enchant Missy when I was a kid. Sometimes on snow days, she would take off work and treat me like her real daughter. We would each pick a book, lay down in front of the snow frosted window in the front room, read our respective books, and cuddle under a blanket while laying on top on the vent in the floor while it blew out heat. Loved those days...

Kacey Leigh said...

Challenge completed through text message. Didn't want to spoil everyone else's fun :)

Anonymous said...

I think I know 8 or 9 of these too, but I'll go with #1, Cool Runnings!

It's bobsled time!


Anonymous said...

6 is The Day After Tomorrow! There are some fun movies on here and a couple of really icky ones. :)