May 08, 2008

kool and the gang said it best . . .


This has been a week of celebrations!

Sara's birthday was yesterday, though for Sara a birthday is a week-long event. Twenty-four hours is clearly just not enough time to acknowledge all that is "Sara"!

Greg's birthday was Tuesday, so he and Sara are practically twins (if you ignore the fact that Greg was a high school graduate by the time Sara entered the world!) We celebrated by inducting Greg into pop culture - we bought him an iPod. (The music he listens to, however, keeps him firmly rooted in the last century!)

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day. And while I am not a proponent of Nationally-forced holidays, nor to any event which encourages the wearing of flowers on one's lapel, I'm crazy about my mom and I'm crazy about being a mom, so this alone gives us reason to celebrate. Only I'm cooking for Mother's Day . . . the biggest "eating out" day of the year. But that's why I'm cooking - no long restaurant waits for us!

The biggest celebration of this week was Kacey's college graduation.
Wow. She did it and I'm so proud! She worked part-time her entire four years and kept her GPA in the 3.2something range (though it's a good thing she was only required to take 3 hours of biology!) She earned her bachelors in journalism (just like her mommy!) with minors in Bible and Geek . . . I mean Greek.

Graduation itself was fascinating. Truly. We were able to park within 3 miles of the arena, so the invigorating hike through the muddy construction-laden campus in dress shoes was worth the price of admission. The event began with the introduction of the Class of '58. Then the introduction of the new pharmacy professors. Then the introduction of the faculty. Then the introduction of all the deans. Then the recognition of all the grandparents. And parents. And siblings. And next-door-neighbors. And pets. (And they never once mentioned future in-laws, though Kacey's wonderful ones were there in full force with even the baby in tow!)

Then came the bagpipes . . . always the anticipatory-symbol of great things to come. Next somebody who is supposed to be somebody said something about other somebodies who have gone sometime before and how they need some more financial assistance to build something to honor this someone who used to be somebody. All in all, a riveting speech.

Then (drumroll please), they began announcing the graduates, in alphabetical order by type of degree, Master's first . . . Abigail Aaimes, Allison Abingdon, Abu Abu Abong, (which Greg said in his native Arab-based language translates: "come here, come here, COME HERE!") Andrea Adams, Andrew Adams, Amy Adamson, Bradley Adamson, Andrew "Andy" Andrews in absentia, Charles C. Andrews . . . and since there were only about 500 of them, this part flew by like slugs on a freeway. Finally, and with hightened enthusiasm on the part of the 11 onlookers who came to acknowledge this great milemarker in my daughter's life, her name was called. From our seats in the back of the arena she looked like tinkerbell in mourning, so we solemnly watched her march across the portable stage, shake the hand of somebody who is somebody, receive an empty diploma cover . . . AND she accomplished all this in strappy black heels without tripping over potted ferns and lost tassels even once. Amazing.

I am seriously proud of my baby girl. Check out the video (complete with cheesy midi-file "Pomp and Circumstance" music!) She's so preeeeeety!

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Sandy said...

Well, congratulations and happy birthday, one and all! It's good to know that tuition to a private school includes a trip across the stage. At LSU, we sat through all the boring speeches and were then told to go to our individual schools to pick up our diplomas! Only the PhD's got to walk the stage- what a let-down!