May 23, 2008

my left foot

Copy machines and printers. They make me want to behave in not-so-nice ways. My office printer lies. Every time I command a print job, my lovely HP All-in-One printer/scanner informs me it is out of paper, or that the ink cartridge is stalled. Neither of the above is ever true. So I click “GO” again, and it works like a charm . . . except when it feeds through ALL my paper at once, causing a jam of armageddon proportions.

My computer is also networked to the laser printer in Melissa’s office . . . when it wants to be. On Thursdays it generally takes a break from normal function and prints whatever I command . . . in triplicate. (Must have belonged to the military in a former life.) Anyway, it makes me crazy. Today I tried to print photo collages. It only wanted to print yesterday’s bulletins, even though I cancelled that job three times. Picture Jane Fonda in "9 to 5" in the copy room on her first day of work. Never would print the photo collages.

Then there’s the copy machine. Demon-possession in a mechanical case. It only knows one command: PAPER JAM. But at least it tries to be helpful when it malfunctions. The Xerox E-Studio35 provides endless cartoon drawings of all possible areas where paper can become jammed within the various locations of extractable parts. Flip, flip, pull, slam, click, whack, lock, and it should be back in business, right? Not so easy. After breaking down all of the suggested sections of the machine, plus kicking it twice with my left foot, the paper jam will still remain. And it is not discriminatory - it jams for everyone at church. The funny thing is (apparently because my office is closest in walking distance to this technological monster) everyone assumes I know what’s wrong with it and how to fix it! If they knew my ineptness (or is it ineptitude?) with all things mechanical they wouldn't even bother asking for my assistance. I mean, I still use a hand-crank can opener, for crying out loud! Can somebody just buy me some carbon paper, please?


thruchildeyes said...

Ah yes, this I can identify with! It's a good thing we've got Kevin around....he's always rescued me from the technological monster.

Kacey Leigh said...

I knew he was good for something...