June 15, 2009

sunrise, sunset

Children grow up. It happens so gradually that, as a parent, you sometimes don't even realize it until one day they are married and living in Indiana and you can't get the words to "Sunrise, Sunset" out of your head.

Other times they seem to grow up right in front of your eyes. That's what happened this past week with Kevin. Yes, his bass voice has been deepening for some time, and he surpassed me in height about a year ago, but I'm talking about the stuff that is more than physical. I'm talking about the stuff you hope and pray for. The stuff like: Taking middle-schoolers under his wing to make sure they feel accepted in our youth group (especially the 6th grade boys). Taking steps to go above and beyond to be helpful, at home and elsewhere (like last Friday when I came home from work to find the yard mowed, the kitchen cleaned, floors swept, laundry and dishes done, and the entire house vacuumed & dusted). Taking steps, with a friend, to start his own business (he and Deecke are detailing cars). Taking a little more care to say say nice things and not ALWAYS go for the cheap joke. Taking a leadership role among his peers (like initiating the Cabin 1 devo at camp this week with a prayer, song & opening question). Taking note of little acts of kindness and following through (like clearing away other people's trays after dinner this past week, and being more concerned with the little kids on his team getting a chance to participate more than being concerned about winning). Taking a big brother role with a 7-year-old who thinks he is something special (Micah - Kevin carried him on his shoulders for 2 days and cried for a half hour when he left). Taking on the responsibility of helping out with the tech stuff during the camp talent show (even though he really wanted to be sitting with his friends). Taking time to thank those who are making a difference in his life. Taking his faith to a deeper level.

At least 7 staff members made a point to brag on him to me this week, and even though he was only the "Camper of the Week" runner up, in my book he wins, hands down.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to watch my boy, my son, my baby, my Kevie-poo become a man right in front of my eyes. I could not ask for a greater blessing.


janjanmom said...

I do agree that he is pretty awesome.

You and Greg have trained up some mighty fine chitlins.

E.T.'s Mom said...

Yeah Kevin! He will be a great leader in the youth group this year, too. We've enjoyed the little bits of his growing up that we've been blessed to witness.

MichaelPolutta said...

So, does he love or hate that you posted this gush?

At our church we're considering delaying entry to the youth group until 7th grade. Some (many? most?) 6th graders are just not ready for some 12th-grade context.

~ Stephanie said...

Actually, he gave me a heartfelt, "Thanks, Mom" when I read it to him. More proof he is growing up.

MichaelPolutta said...

Excellent! Well done, Kevin!

Ashley said...

awww way to go Kevin!