June 01, 2009

. . . which caused me to ask myself:

Be the donkey
A few days ago while I was driving, I popped in one of Mike's old sermons. It began playing somewhere in the middle, and the first words he spoke were, "Surely the Messiah would come riding on the back of a stallion."

*Which caused me to ask myself:
Who, exactly, is "Shirley the Messiah"?

Beware of falling hares
Lately Kevin and I have been noticing quite a few rabbits hopping across our road. Occasionally we see the little cotton-tail critters scampering across the part of our road that passes over the interstate. I'm talking straight across the road on the overpass. Perpendicular, if you will . . . AND at rapid speed. Right over the interstate. And I mean, bunnies are pretty zippy little hoppers. Kevin and I keep wondering, "Where do they go when they hop under the guard railing?"

*Which caused me to ask myself:
Do we need to post one of these on the interstate below?

Coffee la Pew
Finally, my friend Jessica does not like coffee. Doesn't even like the smell of coffee. Or so she says. Now, I have not always been a coffee lover either, but I have always thought it smelled yummy. Jessica, however, says that coffee smells like skunk. When she said this, I gave her my best "YOU SO CRAZY!" look. She then told me to find out for myself. She said the next time we drive past a dead skunk, we should breathe deeply, exhale slowly and see if the last whiff doesn't smell like coffee.

So yesterday Kevin and I encountered a roadkill Peppy la Pew and decided to test her theory. We each took a deep breath of the putrid stench, exhaled with our faces all cinched up, and agreed: COFFEE does NOT smell like skunk. GROSS! Wait a minute . . . Jessica just got us to willingly and deeply inhale skunk-scent.

*Which caused me to ask myself:
Were we just the victims of a brilliantly understated practical joke?


MichaelPolutta said...

One of the strongest pieces of evidence that we as a species are pretty stupid.

A "friend" will say, "Oooh, this STINKS! Here, YOU smell it."

And we do.

Ashley said...

I'm still wondering what kind of coffee she drinks. I don't know of any skunk-smelling coffee. The taste, though? IS pretty gross.

MichaelPolutta said...

For me, coffee is a gift from God.

~ Stephanie said...

I hear ya!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh, that's hilarious! I'm in the "like the smell, not the taste" category.

mnpolutta said...

Well, Michael's coffee smells like tuna to me. I like to eat tuna. I don't like to drink coffee, but usually I like the smell of it. However, I don't like to smell tuna-scented coffee. I'm just sayin'....