January 26, 2010

lipstick and the Big Shoe dance

Jane's visitation was tonight. I have never seen so many people in a funeral home. We stood in line for over two hours and the line was just as long when we left at 7:15 as it was when we arrived at 4:45. Not surprising though, if you knew Jane. Jane knew everybody, Jane loved everybody, and everybody loved Jane.

Jane always made me laugh, mostly because she just found the fun in life. If anything EVER happened in church that could be taken out of context, Jane would lean forward and whisper it in my ear because she knew I was already thinking the same thing, and we would both try not to laugh out loud. (Once I was sitting 3 rows in front of her and she actually wrote it on a piece of paper and passed it up to me.)

Jane never let me live down the "lipstick test". This is where you compare your used lipstick shape to all your friends - slanted, angled, flat, concave, pointed, and rounded. Supposedly the shape of your lipstick tells something about your personality. In a room of 25 or 30 women, mine was the only one rounded, or as Jane often reminded me, "phallic-shaped". She said that spoke enough about my personality.

My favorite memory of Jane was at her 40th birthday party when she, being the amazingly great sport that she was, jumped up in front of everybody and danced the "Big Shoe Dance" right along with the clip from PeeWee's Big Adventure on the big screen tv. So funny. So cute.

Occasionally when I put on my lipstick I think of her. When something inappropriate happens in church, I will think of her. When I eat watermelon I always think of her. When I watch anything with Steve Martin, I can hear her quote Bernadette Peters, "I don't care about the money, I just want the stuuuuufff."

Jane, you brightened every room you entered. I'm guessing even God's face lit up when you entered His presence Saturday afternoon. As we were leaving the funeral home tonight, Carla said, "I imagine most people bowing down in the presence of God. I imagine Jane doing the Big Shoe Dance for Him." Yep, that's Jane.


Kacey Leigh said...


She was the most amazing person, and yes one of the most amazing "dancers" ever :)

We were blessed to have her, but Heaven is blessed to have her as well.

janjanmom said...

I still wanted longer!!! WAH! I miss her like crazy and absolutely everthing reminds me of her. Plus, I see her house out my back windows.

We got there about 5 minutes before 4, the chapel doors were still not open...parking lot was 3/4 full and the line was looped all down the hall and through the other chapel. We left about 5:15ish. I would've waited even longer.

You just couldn't help loving Jane.

janjanmom said...
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