January 30, 2010

stereotypically confused

A grandmother uses knitting needles and sewing machines.
A grandmother does NOT use Bonnie Bell kiwi-watermelon lipgloss.

A grandmother bakes cookies from scratch.
A grandmother does NOT microwave "grilled" cheese.

A grandmother wears face cream to bed.
A grandmother does NOT facebook in bed at 2 a.m. from her laptop.

A grandmother wears a floral housecoat.
A grandmother does NOT wear a black bra.

A grandmother sends $10 checks for your birthday.
A grandmother does NOT send unlimited text messages.

A grandmother has short silvery-gray hair.
A grandmother does NOT threaten to kill you for calling her "Granny".

A grandmother listens to birds sing outside her window.
A grandmother does NOT listen to Jason Mraz on her 32g iPod touch.

A grandmother has occasional hot flashes.
A grandmother does NOT still ovulate.

A grandmother is nice and sweet.
A grandmother is NOT me.

. . . at least that's what I thought until today.


E.T.'s Mom said...


~Stephanie said...

Bite your "wooohoooing" little tongue! :o)

NinjaPrincess said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting! Will you be in doula mode?

susan said...

Happy Happy Happy

~Stephanie said...

My daughter TOLD me to go ahead and post this, so pbtpbtpbtpbt!!!

And yes, it looks like I will be in the best doula-position ever. :o)

Anonymous said...

OMI GOSH!! btw- ur gonna b the BESTEST grandmother EVER!!

mnpolutta said...

Wow! Congratulations! I think you will be the hippest, coolest grandmother out there, Stephanie.

~Stephanie said...

And THAT is why I love Natalie Polutta!!!