January 20, 2010

he just ACTS like he was dropped on his head . . .

So in the last post I said the worst thing about being a homeschool mom is that your kids learn EVERYTHING from you . . . this is especially true with Kevin and his sarcastic wit.

This morning he finished getting ready before I did. Not unusual, except that his routine this month involves bottle feeding two cows when his dad (the cowboy) is on day shift. Yeah, you know Kev is loving that. Anyway, I finished curling my hair, tossed it upside down to brush it out, then flipped back up. As Kev walked down the hallway toward the bathroom he asked (for like the 9th time) "Are you ready YET?" To which I responded, "No, I am still doing my hair." Arriving at the bathroom door, and taking one look at my hair, he stated, "Good, 'cause I am not going out in public with you. It looks like the back of your hair is trying to eat you."

Last Saturday night Kevin was picking on his sister. She was play-whining and I told him to leave her alone. "Are you serious? She started it!" I informed him, with a big grin on my face, that I was serious and that "I ALWAYS mean everything I say!" Under his breath he mumbled, "What you mean to say is that 'Everything you say is always mean!'"

To preface the next story: 1) Kevin was born at home in the bedroom floor, where, despite his continual lies, he was NOT dropped on his head, and 2) I am not the most modest person in the world, I prefer to sleep in the same clothes I was born, much to my son's dismay.

So anyway . . . we are having dinner at my parents' house Monday for Kevin's birthday. At his request, we are about to feast on ribeyes, double-stuffed potatoes, green beans with bacon & brown sugar, brie & cranberries, homemade bread with strawberry butter, and cheesecake. (The menu is not at all pertinent to the story, but oh my goodness it was amazing.) So, before we eat, Dad prays. And he prays this sweet, sweet blessing of thanks over Kevin and Dad gets choked up and has to stop. Precious. I'm very grateful for how much the two of them love each other. When Dad finished praying, Kevin looked at him and said, "Thanks, Papa." Mom said, "I can't believe how old you are." And I said, "Has it REALLY been 17 years since I was sitting naked in the bedroom floor? Seems like last week." Without missing a beat, Kevin says, "That WAS last week, Mom."


mnpolutta said...

Now I understand why you have such a hard time sleeping at camp.

Kacey Leigh said...


I LOVE my brother!