February 09, 2010

could be worse . . . could be david lee roth

The kids tend to name our vehicles. Don't guess that's too weird. Kacey's very cool Buick sedan she inherited from my Granny is called "Stella!"(which must be said with the Marlon Brando inflection from A Streetcar Named Desire). The white 1992 Sable that still graces our driveway even though it hasn't run for months and whose mere existence there now qualifies us for white trash status is affectionately called "Tank: the Sabletooth".

Pretty sure my next vehicle is going to be a van. I know, I know. I made it through the entire childrearing years without one and NOW? But yeah. I'm always needing space to haul stuff and groups of people (mostly teens). I've toyed with the SUV route, but the green in me CANNOT justify a gas-guzzler. And, of course, there's the whole "G" status, so with the G-baby on the way, a van makes even more sense.

Kevin has decided the new vehicle will be named "Eddie".
"Eddie?" I queried.
"Yes, mom. Think about it. It's a VAN."
"Ohhhhhh. Then we should call it 'Halen', don't you think?"
"No, mom, when people ask you what your van's name is (which, you know, happens a LOT), if you say 'Halen' no one will laugh. If you say 'Eddie', people will laugh. Eddie is funnier."

So, though I didn't want to know the sex of my children before they were born, I guess we've already taken all the mystery out of automotive acquiring. I willl have a van. He will be a boy. His name shall be Eddie. Eddie the miniVAN Halen.

I hope your family is a bit more normal than mine.


Ashley said...

Not Herman? Or dorothy? Or velma? q

Sandy said...

Or you could get a white van and name it... Vanna!

Kacey Leigh said...

I still like "Van-Go", because if you buy a Ford like dad will probably make you do, that's what you'll have to say to it all the time.

"Van! GO!"

You could also paint some pretty stars on the side or something...just to make it fit.

janjanmom said...

How about Eddie Van HAULIN'?

Welcome to vanland. I can't imagine life without my Minnie.

swifterika said...

yes, Vanland, like Disneyland, except not nearly as fun