January 06, 2011

a sequins of events

After unwinding the glittery amber fishnet ribbon off the Christmas tree earlier this week, the ribbon that sparkled in the glow of the white holiday lights . . . I have to agree with Dimitri Martin. Glitter IS the Herpes of craft supplies. It has spread all over this house, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get rid of it.

Speaking of sparkly things, ever noticed how ebay sellers always describe a sequined sweater as "having sequence". Makes me laugh.

Ninja Princess is awesome. There is a little boy in Africa who is a step closer to being with his family today because of her generosity. Thanks.

I'm teaching a class this quarter on discipline. Stephanie's Spiritual Discipline Class. Anybody else catch the oxy in this moron?

I am confessing that my tree is still up five days past the deadline. It IS undecorated at least. It stands here next to me as merely a light-giving presence, the warmth of which I am greatly enjoying, which is why I have violated my hard-and-fast New Year's Day rule, which I guess isn't so hard-and-fast after all. Although, if it isn't decorated, it's not really a CHRISTMAS tree, now is it? It's just a tree. A January tree. So maybe I haven't violated my rule after all. It could be a birthday tree for Kevin. I like it. I'll decorate it with Cinnamon Roll PopTarts and bottles of CheerWine and drape it with headphones and drizzle it with sarcastic comments. This is getting weird. Moving on.

You cannot lose weight by eating Panera's Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. Especially if you get the large. With the french bread. That's my health tip for today. Tomorrow I will let you know if that also holds true for dark chocolate cream cake.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home tonight and bought milk, eggs and bread. How cliche' is that?

I filled an entire donation box with ornaments, votives, tabletoppers, and wall art. There are 30 things in that box, but I have decided to count it as one thing - a single box of Christmas STUFF. So far I have also gotten rid of two sweaters, a cordless telephone, and a partridge in a pair of jeans. Five items down, 360 to go. It's not even going to be a challenge.

I just poured a half a glass of milk to drink before I go to bed . . . there is glitter in it. I am SO not kidding.


bliss said...

LOL!!!! Glitter in your milk? Oh my. :)

This is my time to fill up the donation bags and boxes too. No room is safe in here! :)

mnpolutta said...

The art school where I teach history has banned all glitter projects. Also, when Rachel used to wear glittery dresses to church, we could tell where she sat for weeks after that type of dress was worn. I LOVE your description of glitter. Made me laugh out loud.

Kathy Sue said...

Our tree never even got ornaments this year. Lights, yes! Ornaments, no! And it did get taken down on New Year's Day, but the storage box sat in the living room for a week thereafter.

I enjoyed this, my "last for a while" Christmas with both my sons and my dear daughter-in-law, ornaments or not!

HW said...

"Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies..." Now THAT'S funny.

Now I will try even harder to get it off my face after making my cards. 'Cause I do like me some glitter.