June 30, 2011

Life GPS

I asked Kevin what my worst habit is . . . and he rattled off some nonsense like, "Well, I'd tell you . . . but you'd just tune me out halfway through."

So I asked his sister, who stated that I think everybody has a milk allergy. (I do NOT think everybody has a milk allergy. I think SHE has a milk allergy and you probably do too.)

Anyway, I feel like I'm always trying to make big permanent changes for myself that never really stick. Probably because I don't LIKE making big permanent changes that aren't really fun. I like chocolate, I love my sarcastic humor, biting my cuticles is comforting, I hate balancing the checkbook, etc., etc., etc.

So, in honor of my 50th birthday (in 27 months), I have made a list of 27 bad habits to tackle. (Just finding 27 negatives about ME was challenging enough. I'll easily admit to 3, but the other 24 were fabricated to make me seem humble for now, and to seem disciplined later. I'm just sayin'.) Where was I? Oh yeah, tackling negative behaviors. One a month. Nothing crazy like the couple who decided to go 'trash-free' for a year, and nothing drastic like my camp friend Danny who is doing nine 40-day fasts this year. (Though I SO ADMIRE both ot these!) Just 27 simple changes to make the 50-something me a slightly improved version of the 40-something me, disregarding the addition of gray hair, wrinkles and failing eyesight.

In the last couple of years I have gotten into the habit of eating out, like ALL the TIME. Picking up lunch rather than packing a little brown bag, grabbing dinner before I go home, especially when the cowboy works nights, because it seems like such a waste to cook for just one or two.

So July's Challenge: Stop eating out. I have 3 'lunch dates' and one birthday sushi celebration on my to-do list for July. I'm allowing myself those four events and that's it.

Now . . . if you want to take ME out to lunch . . . we'll go in August. :)


That Uncomfortable Itch said...

What are the other 26? Just curious. Also, I think this is a wonderful ambition. Hats off to you!

janjanmom said...

I have to talk myself down almost every time I drive by a restaurant...a strong desire takes over to get a coke OR SOMETHING, especially if I have cash on me. BAD HABIT...bad bad habit.