July 14, 2011

PipeBusters (episode 3) on the Reality Channel

As we left off last time, the cowboy-turned-plumber had given up the claustrophic chore of crawling beneath the concrete to conquer the catastrophe. "TOMORROW" is now today, and soon all will be well. Or will it?

COMMERCIAL BREAK (because now that you are more hooked by our tragedy, we can advertise earlier in the show, knowing you will stay tuned for more.)

Stephanie begins her day as usual, up at the crack of 8 or 8:15. She meanders to the bathroom, turns the bathtub faucet to run her water, and then remembers: NO water. No hot morning bath. She turns on the curling iron and brushes her teeth from a 1/2 gallon pitcher of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water and toothpaste first thing in the morning. Gag. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!! UGH! AND, to make matters worse, one of the vanity lights is blown, leaving her face only three-quarters lit. She brushes through her hair and begins to curl. Hmmm. Something is not right. Something is quite wrong. Flat hair, the nasty by-product of sleeping on semi-damp hair the night before. She curls more. And more. Spraying as she goes. But, despite her best efforts, her hair WILL be flat today. And she has to go out in public. Where there are people. And they will SEE her flat hair (cue melodramatic music).


Back home in the evening, Stephanie begins dinner . . . watermelon, watercress salad with water chestnuts . . . she is sensing a theme. The cowboy arrives some minutes later, walking like a decaying cast member of Zombieland. He hurts. All over. Neck, back, knee. "Bad day," he comments, "aching all over. Swelling. Pain." "It might be a tumor," Stephanie comments sarcastically. "It's not a tumor," the cowboy groans. He is in no shape to do the plumbing repairs. No shape at all. There will be no running water again tonight. Once again they make the counter-clockwise rotation so showering can commence.


Another day without water. The laundry is piling up. The dishwasher is loaded. The weeds in the landscaping however, are growing just fine. Will a hot shower ease the cowboy's aches and pains? Will he be able to complete this job with one MORE tomorrow? After all, tomorrow is another day. Stephanie raises her fist to the sky, "With God as my witness, I'll never have flat hair AGAIN!"

Tune in next time for the season finale of PipeBusters on the Reality Channel.


janjanmom said...

We have this drama going on but a bit different...clogged sink in the bathroom. However, it is likely to be weeks...it requires both of us to disassemble the sink and snake the drain from the wall. It is the nastiest chore ever. I really dislike plumbing work!

I assume from the level of beauty on your hair last night that this drama is all over with. ( :

Anonymous said...

why not:)