November 05, 2011

no-sugar november

A few years ago there was a comedian who did a bit about work-out programs that urged you to "Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine." She quipped, "Does ANYbody DO that? I kind of think my doctor is busy dealing with people who have serious problems. I just don't think I should be calling him saying, "Hiiiii ... this is Ritaaaaa ... I'm thinking of bending at the waist."

This phrase "stuck" at our house. "You want me to get UP and change the channel? But I'll have to bend at the waist!" "Can't I sleep in? I don't feel like bending at the waist."
That sort of thing.

So anyway, October's challenge to exercise every day kinda fell flat. It was more like exercise-every-third-day. And really, I could explain it away, but you don't want to hear my excuses. Lucky for you, this is a blog, so you don't have to hear them, you just have to read them. See, in the last month I have:
  • Spent 3 days at the "Saddle Boy" competition
  • Spent 4 days visiting Mayah and her parents in Indianapolis
  • Spent 3 days at a youth conference with a group of teens
  • Spent nearly 8 hours sitting in traffic
  • Had 2 doula meetings and 2 overnight births
  • Tutored my little Reading Buddy on Wednesdays
  • Made several hospital visits, including a couple to my grandmother
  • Celebrated my 24th birthday for the 24th time
  • Attempted to work my "real job" as many hours as possible
  • Boxed up and hauled a vanload to Goodwill
  • Played numerous games of Words with Friends with Bernie and the rest of you
  • AND spent 70 whole minutes on the phone with my Kevie-poo
There's more, but you get the point. Finding time to walk or otherwise workout was difficult. Although during one of the births, we walked for 17 of the first 21 hours and climbed a double staircase about 15 times, so maybe that can count for half my month's walking. Or maybe not.
Anyway, I trudge on. Literally. But Walktober/Octoberquest is officially over and No-Sugar November has begun.


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Stephanie said...

For those of you who know I am 48, I realize that the math is wrong. I have celebrated my 24th birthday 25 times. I'm just vain, and feared too many who aren't as clever as you would think I was 49. Sorry, can't have that. :)