October 26, 2011

wait for it

I LOVE when funny stuff happens to me. It gives me blog fodder. Like the time I locked the keys in Mike's truck with it IN the garage and still running. Or like the time the cow jumped the fence. Or like last week when I lost my car in the parking lot.

The sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny thing about the last 18-24 months is that my brain has quit working. Call it hormones. Call it age. Call it grief. Call it whatever, just don't expect me to remember anything if you don't see me write it down, or make a note in my ipod, or send myself a text as a reminder.

But sometimes things happen that are SO funny, you know you won't forget. That's what happened today with my reading buddy. It was so hysterical we laughed and laughed and I thought, "I should text that to myself so I don't forget." Then myself thought, "You don't need to do that! This was so funny, there is no way you'll forget! PLUS, this will make a great blog!"

I have no doubt that it would have...if only I had written it down.

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Anonymous said...

This is John Mark... You are getting old.