January 03, 2012

1600 x 900 - my new year's 'resolution'

In 2012, I am resolved:

To stop drinking orange juice after I brush my teeth.

To not watch "The Notebook" when I'm home alone.

To change all my passwords to something besides '666'.

To eat healthier by switching from cream-filled to lemon-filled.

To stop SAYING 'LOL' in real-life conversations.

To claim the cowboy's horses as "dependents" on our taxes.

To post MORE pictures of my feet on Facebook just to irritate my daughter.
To stop arguing with the Australian chick on the GPS.

To NOT use the term "nipple stimulation" in conversations with people who aren't preparing for childbirth.

To switch my alarm to Pacific Time, so I will FEEL like a morning person.

To learn the lyrics to all of Katy Perry's songs.

To download the 'Mirror' app for my new Kindle Fire.

To cut the toes out of ALL of my socks.

To be more diligent about correcting other people's grammar.

To petition Keurig for a Route 44 cup size.


Bernie Whelmer said...

Pacific time will never be the same again.

Stephanie said...

YEA for comments from the west coast!!!

John Mark Hummel said...

You are going to learn "I kissed a girl?"