January 13, 2012

am I WHO?

This is where I live. Sort of. This is my "church office", and I love it. Really love it. This was Kevin's "schoolroom" for grades 5-11. This is where I plan events, coordinate volunteers, design graphics, write blogs, have deep and meaningful conversations with people, and generally do all my planning, organizing and communicating. This I where I got a phone call a few weeks ago when a salesperson asked me if I was "Mrs. Christ".

Uh huh, 'cause I'm just THAT good.
I love that I have the freedom to make it look like "me".
I love the granny-apple-guacamole-green on the walls.
I love the dark wood.
I love the "HOPE" that is leaning on the baseboard, I think it's symbolic that I haven't hung it up higher..."not getting my hopes up yet" so to speak. :)

I love "Mr. Smiley" who lives behind my door.

I love my comfy little couch that is perfect for Kevin's afternoon naps when he is home.

I love the slightly funky bookcase which holds a yummy hazelnut-scented candle, leftover wedding flowers, my iHome, my "Happiness" (a Willow Tree figurine), and a little book called "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" which I make myself read regularly because ...
well, just because.


Sara said...

Titus actually believes that you do live there. He is also aware that you have "another house."

mnpolutta said...


NinjaPrincess said...

That's a beautiful office! I don't really have someplace I can call "just mine" that I can paint (unless you count the laundry room....).