December 20, 2009

big head deflation

I have had 16,195 hits on my blog since I put the counter on it back in May.

Kacey says I have a 3/10 rating with Google, which, apparently is pretty good.

I've even been approached a few times lately about doing reviews and linking ads to my blog.

I'm starting to get a big head. (Which is good, actually, 'cause then the rest of me won't look so out of proportion.)

Then I realized I have 2 really, really really good friends who don't use Google Reader, (thanks Sara M. & Jessica) who apparently click on my blog a couple of dozen times a day just to see if I have posted anything. (2 friends x 24 times a day x 7 months = 10,000 hits).

Add to that the number of times I go back and read my own blog because I think I'm hysterical and we've pretty much covered the hits on the counter.

So . . . never mind.


E.T.'s Mom said...

You're hilarious. 24 times a day, huh? I better get busy.

~Stephanie said...


Kacey Leigh said...

Hahahahahaha....and add the fact that I use your blog as a traffic guide to get to all the other blogs I read, and you've got another 5000 in a month ;)

Love you.