December 05, 2009

in the market

After completing a 3 hour road trip where an antifreeze leak not only kept us smoking a good deal of the time (I should clarify: the car was smoking, Kevin and I were not), but also left us driving in 31 degree weather with no heat, I am reminded that I am in the market for a vehicle.

Now, when I say I am 'in the market' for something, this merely means I am beginning to think about a purchase. I tend to think and plan and shop for an item for so long that by the time I decide to pull the trigger, I've lived with it long enough mentally that I'm tired of it and want something different. I've been 'in the market' for new living room chairs since this time last year and still have yet to purchase any appropriate seating for said room.

That being said, I am in the market for a perfect vehicle.

It should:

*Have seating for 8. Or better yet, 10.
*Have a relatively short wheel-base so it's easy to park.
*Have cup holders wide enough and deep enough to adequately contain a Sonic Route 44 whatever-I'm-in-the-mood-for-that-day Happy Hour drink.
*Have voice activated heat/air and stereo controls. You know, Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving.
*Get 30+ miles to the gallon.
*Be self-cleaning, like my oven. Although, in all fairness, I actually USE my vehicle, so that gives the oven an unfair advantage.
*Have a nifty little compartment specifically for my diva sunglasses.
*Have a center console large enough for my purse so Kevin doesn't inadvertantly buckle my purse straps into his seatbelt, leaving me frustratedly fumbling trying to find a lipgloss while driving.
*Be a pretty color. Not like "SWEET, there goes Stephanie!" pretty color, but more like "That vehicle is nicely understated and is unobtrusive in the driveway and doesn't at all clash with the shutters."

There. Like I told Sara earlier this week, "I am not that picky".

To which she replied, "MmmmHmmm."


Kacey Leigh said...

And today I added a second to that "MmmmmHmmmm". You are SO picky, but not about any normal things that people are usually picky about.

Thus determining, once again, that you are not normal.

Lovely, but not normal.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

She's a Morrow woman. Finding a normal Morrow woman is like finding Jimmy Hoffa. It just doesn't happen.

Ashley said...

Well, aren't you in luck! See, you are wanting a van with a broken odometer so you get the good "mileage" and such. And, when your hand hears you say you need the heat up, it'll just turn up. Then, occasionally you just row down the windows and let all of your trash and dust and smells fly out and it's clean! And, if that doesn't do have an automatic van cleaner...named Kevin.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Matching the keep me laughing.

NinjaPrincess said...

If you find a van that cleans itself, please let me know!! Our boys drew some beautiful designs in the dirt on the sides of our van about a month ago. I haven't washed them off yet!

This post
really made me think about the way I approached purchases. I've always been one to do a lot of research, worrying that I needed to check all my options so I didn't miss out on a good deal or a better product. I'm working on being content when I find something that meets my criteria, even if I haven't checked all the stores in town.

Good luck with the van hunt!