June 24, 2010

sighs and thighs

> Yesterday was a mile-marker anniversary for my sister's death. I was going to do a long blog, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe later this week. What I did do was take off work, drive out to the location of her wreck and pray. Then on to the cemetery. Then later on to meet my parents at dinner. I don't usually mark the day that way, but it seemed important to me this year.

On a lighter note . . .

> I have a doula client who is due TODAY. We all thought she would go early, but she just called to inform me that today's appointment indicated she is still just dilated to 1 cm. and she is not at all effaced. Baby looks to be healthy, but only around 6 1/2 pounds. So . . . it could still be another week or two! (Hang in there C, I know you're ready, but waiting is the right thing to do! You'll see!)

> Our lovely friends in Ada, Oklahoma have a toddler named Jude who apparently came to the breakfast table earlier this week in his birthday suit. He was sent back to his room and told he could come back to the table after he put on his underwear. He came back, still naked, with his briefs on his head. Gotta LOVE a nonconformist.

> A few weeks back when I had the newspaper run a classified ad for the yard sale, this is what was printed. (I PROMISE, this is NOT how I told it to them!)
Church-wide Yard Sale
Saturday, only 7 a.m.
ONLY 7 a.m.??? You better get here early, 'cause apparently we're only doing this for ONE MINUTE!

> I ran across an article from Discovery that showed research indicating people who have larger thighs also have stronger hearts. "A new study has found that the thinner your thighs, the greater your risk of heart disease. The study looked at more than 2,800 men and women with an average age of around 50. It found the risk of heart disease more than doubled for both men and women who had a thigh circumference of less than 22 inches."

What this research means is that I now expect to live, well, pretty much forever.


Kacey Leigh said...

I'm glad Vicki showed you the ad. She saw it and got a huge kick out of it and I told her she had to take it to you cause you'd be really mad that they printed it that way!

On a lighter note....I'm assuming the link between thicker thighs and heart health has to do with working out? If you work out more, your thighs gain more muscle and therefore your heart is also stronger because of the workout?? Otherwise, it makes no sense. But it is good to know that you're going to live forever. That means you're always available to babysit.

Also, tell the girl with the 6 1/2 lb. baby that I hate her. I think my baby already weighs that much.

Sara said...

Love you! and your blog...I always laugh out loud!

On a more serious note...remembering is good and healing. I'm proud of you!