June 29, 2010

parenting do's and don'ts and shouldn'ts

The other day my daughter ran across a website filled with supposedly humorous "Do's and Don'ts" for "Raising Baby". I say "supposedly" humorous, because as I'm looking back at family photos, I have to wonder . . .

Truthfully, I always thought playpens seemed a bit like "Baby Prison" to suit me, so I never used one. My Alaska friend, Paula, however, told me once that her mother absolutely LOVED their playpen. Seems that Paula was one of 5 children and her mom would set the playpen up in the middle of the house, climb inside and read . . . just outside the reach of all five children. Mother of Year nominee in the category of Creative Parenting!

Careseats? We never had carseats as children. Heck, we never even wore seatbelts. On long trips, I would straddle the console between the front seats while my sister would lounge in the safety of . . . the back window. Yep. Those were the days. (The picture on the right shows us transporting Kacey off the trailer we shipped from Anchorage to Seattle. She was sure glad to get out of that box!)

Hey, I may not win any parenting awards, but I did win a $100 gift card to Radio Shack with the next picture. And yes, for all my 20-something friends, I'm certain the tennis shoes ARE BPA-free! :o)

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Kacey Leigh said...

They were not only BPA free, but I'm sure they were mud free too, right mom? ;)