June 02, 2010

this town ain't big enough fer the two of us

There's not really a blog here, it's just that these pictures make me smile. The first one is my baby boy, circa 1996. The second one is Titus, circa last week. Titus reminds me of Kevin in so many ways, minus the red hair, so it was fun to see them both dressed in Woody attire.

Kevin LOVED "Tore Story" as he used to call it. Seeing the movie at age 2 is one of his earliest memories. But Kevin will tell you that he is dressed as Woody by default. See, my mom bought after-Halloween costumes one year for the kids to play dress-up, and Woody and Buzz happened to be among them. Kevin wanted to be Buzz. Kevin always WANTED to be Buzz. But the Buzz costume was a size 5 and the Woody costume was a size 3. And since Kevin weighed in at 26 pounds and Parker weighed in at 38 pounds, well . . . Kevin always had a "Snake in My Boot", while Parker got to go "To Infinity and Beyond!"

You'd think at 17 he wouldn't still be bitter about it. :o)


Anonymous said...

So cute!!

janjanmom said...

Ahhh, I see Kevin has mastered the fine art of grudge holding.

Kacey Leigh said...

I remember hours and hours and hours of the boys running around Nana's house in those outfits.

Kevin: "Pawker, I shawt you! Fawl daeoown!"

Parker: "Nu-uh Kevin!! You didn't shoowt me! I jumped and you missed!"

(As Parker faces Kevin to inform him of his missed shot....)


Parker: "Aw man!"

Hundreds of times. Hundreds.

Then Nana would lose her mind and make them take the outfits off. Lindsay and I rejoiced when this happened because it meant it was nap time for the boys and we could actually hear the TV again. :-)

Ahhh childhood...