August 31, 2010

buy me some peanuts and cracker-jacks

And another day down.

I jumped out of bed bright and early at ELEVEN-OH-MY-GOODNESS-FIFTEEN, so it was after noon before I was dressed and ready to face what was left of the day. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was on vacation. Cooked the beginnings of Chicken Enchiladas, Baked Ziti, and Stroganoff, washed some dishes, made Mac & Cheese for lunch, texted my favorite people, then finally figured out how to access the new Church Management Software, so I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some very stimulating data-entry. I made it all the way from the A's to the middle of the B's. This could take awhile.

Yesterday's "first" was Peruvian food; tonight I attended my first real baseball game ever, with the Indianapolis Indians. No offense to the FOG, my beloved church softball team. However, I noted some differences between the Pittsburg Pirates minor-league games at Victory Field and The FOG games.

VICTORY FIELD: Fully-shaded, theater seating for 12,500 in downtown Indianapolis where we were ushered to our seats, 7 rows behind home plate.
FOG GAME: Dusty plank & concrete block bleacher seating for 16 in the suburbs of Symsonia, Kentucky where we park in the grass on the opposite side from the corn field and carry our own lawn chairs.

VICTORY FIELD: Multiple concession choices and numerous kiosks with loaded nachos, rib baskets, chili dogs, cheeseburgers, quesadillas, giant pretzels, and, of course, a margarita bar.
FOG GAME: Pixie sticks.

VICTORY FIELD: Free giveaways - tee shirts, car washes, mall gift cards, restaurant certificates, etc.
FOG GAME: Free giveaways - sunglasses, iPods, keychains, leather wallets . . . but only if you steal them off the dugout bench during the bottom of the innings.

VICTORY FIELD: Between-inning entertainment, games, and music.
FOG GAME: Frog catching.

VICTORY FIELD: Multiple large, clean, air-conditioned restrooms.
FOG GAME: One unisex port-a-potty where you have to utilize the light from your cell phone just to find the roll of toilet paper.

VICTORY FIELD: Two enormous, fully lighted scoreboards with player photos and stats, live video and a pre-game viewing of the Swagger Wagon video.
FOG GAME: A lady with a clipboard who never seems to be quite sure of the exact score.

VICTORY FIELD: Digital billboards encouraging you to "GET LOUD" and a Red Rodent mascot named "Rowdie"who gets the crowd all riled up.
FOG GAME: An adorable left-fielder who holds her husband's hand on the way to the outfield, and who squeals when the ball is hit her direction.

VICTORY FIELD: Professional ball players who hit hard, run fast, catch fly balls, stop all grounders, and always throw exactly where they want the ball to go. Very entertaining.
FOG GAME: Players from all professions who, well, try really hard, swat flies in the outfield, occasionally let grounders roll between their legs and frequently overthrow the bases. Still, very VERY entertaining.

The baseball game was great, the food was yummy, the stadium was immaculate, and the weather was perfect (except for Kacey, whose lovely pregnant body glistens at the very mention of sunshine). But I'll still take a pixie stick, a plank bleacher, and my FOG friends any day of the week.

Speaking of pregnant body . . . the countdown continues . . .


Sara said...

You forgot the girls who dance in the outfield while cheering on the pitcher.

~Stephanie said...

I remedied that. :D

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

So I didnt make your list of favorite people? Cause you never text me....

~Stephanie said...

Of course you didn't make the list of favorite people! You are a list all to yourself! The first list is entitled "Favorite People". Your list is entitle "Favorite Person."