August 27, 2010

it's not a lie if you believe it

Lettuce Try Again
Reigh Anne, my sweet friend and mother of five, sat at the table across from me, enjoying her Panera Asian Salad and our “Grown-Up Girls Only” lunch. Next to me, Sara commented that she had convinced Reigh Anne to give Panera a second chance, as she had eaten there once already but had NOT had a good experience. Shocked at the thought, I asked Reigh Anne, "So . . . the last time you were here . . . what did you HAVE?”

Without missing a beat, Reigh Anne stated flatly, “My kids.”

Seems she ordered a strawberry chicken salad, and her youngest picked out all the strawberries and all the chicken and left her with a big bowl of lettuce.

Separation Anxiety
Sitting around a different table on a different day with some different friends, we were discussing the upcoming school year, and this being my son’s LAST, and yet FIRST, year of school. (You know, the whole homeschooled-his-whole-life-but-now-going-to-public-school-as-a-17-year-old-senior thing). One of the women at the table is long-time Kindergarten teacher, ‘Miss Becky’. I asked if she was excited to start another year. “I am,” she replied, “except for the first couple of days. Those are always the difficult days of ‘THIS IS HOW WE GO TO SCHOOL’.” To which Sara M. exclaimed, “THAT’S WHAT KEVIN NEEDS TO DO! HE NEEDS TO GO TO MISS BECKY’S CLASS!” Made me giggle. A lot. But after I held Kevin's hand and walked him to all his classes, and sat with him at lunch for a couple of days, he made a smooth adjustment to being without his mommy.

I wish I could say the same was true for me. I MISS my boy.

You Can't Handle the Truth
At this point in the blog, Kevin would accuse me of lying, as he frequently does where my blog is concerned. “It’s not lying,” I defend, “if it’s BASED in truth . . . it’s called literary license.” He sarcastically muttered something under his breath wondering which office at the Court House issued me a Literary License.

Having completed three full weeks of school now, he admitted that, while he LOVES his AP Biology class, he is relatively bored out of his little mind with the rest of his classes, which is both good and bad. Good, because it’s nice to know his homeschool education has well-prepared him, but bad because he seriously needs to be challenged this year.

Anyway . . . Kevin also admitted that, for the first time in his life, he now FULLY appreciates the concept of a weekend. I laughed, “Tired of school already?”

“No, I could do school every day . . . if it started at NOON!”

I have to confess, I enjoy his waking ME up most mornings now, instead of vice-versa. If I could only train him to bring me coffee in bed . . .

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Kacey Leigh said...

I would be a happy clam if the world ran on a noon to 2:00 a.m. schedule.

I could do that easily.

And tell Kevin that you obviously issue your own literary license.