August 05, 2010

coffee talk

My boy . . . my youngest . . . my baby is starting his very first day of school today. I can hardly believe it.

He looked so cute this morning standing on the front porch for his official “First Day of School” photo.

Brand new shoes.

Backpack over his shoulders.

Week-old haircut so it looks nice, but not TOO “I just got my hair cut”.

Lunch money in his pocket.

Rolling his eyes at me and saying, “Mom, give me my keys. I gotta go NOW so I'll have time to stop and get coffee on the way.”

Did I mention that my baby is 17 and a high school senior? Not really so much his “first day of school” as it is his “first day of public school”, having been homeschooled his entire life.

Still. I’m all misty. And a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves while I go fix my mascara.


Michele said...

I know how you feel. While my daughter has been in public school her whole life, there is just something about this(or yesterday to be exact) being her "last" first day of school. Yes there will be a last first day of college in the future but it is not the same. This is my baby girl, my last child at home. Good thing I haven't put on my mascara yet.

Chin up! Us mom's will get through some how. :-) And then we can sit back and watch our children go through the same thing themselves and just secretly smile.

Kacey Leigh said...

And just think....pretty soon, Kevin will make you a DOUBLE grandma!!!

janjanmom said...

Stopping to get coffee seems very un-first day of schoolish. Rebel!

Sara said...

He actually wore a polo and he looks so cute! I can't believe he is away at school everyday...Mike is going to be bored now. I might need to send Topaz up there so he has someone to wrestle with in the afternoon.

~Stephanie said...

HAHAHA! Kevin will be here every afternoon from 2:30 to 5:00 doing AP Biology homework . . . I'm sure there will be some "wrestle time" worked in there somewhere!