April 23, 2011

Indiana. Indiana. Indiana. Indiana. Corn.

I spent 10 hours alone with Eddie van Honda last weekend . . . 10 very QUIET hours alone, as my iPod and Eddie's cd player are both kerplunk for the time being. And since my creativity gene is in "hibernation mode" these days, I had to rely on more prosaic ways to entertain myself.

So, I . . .

Set my cell phone alarm and repeatedly hit the snooze button every 15 minutes so it would play a nice little Caribbean tune which, for me, was an audio oasis in the Land of Corn.

Counted semi-trucks. Maybe you'll find it fascinating that I encountered 10.3 semis every minute on I-24, 8 semis per minute on I-57 and 9.6 per minute on I-70. Then again, maybe you won't. I didn't.

Prayed through my entire prayer list. Three times. It's entirely possible the political turmoil in Burkina Faso is much improved as a result. I'm just sayin'.

Somewhere between F'ingham and Indy, passed an exit for Martinsville (population, 14,543). Thought it was located between Indy and Louisville though, so texted myself to look it up on a map.

Stopped in Terre Haute for gas, then spent the next 10 driving miles doing math in my head trying to figure how many gallons of gas I got for $66 at $3.85 per gallon, and then dividing that into 418 trip miles to determine that Eddie gets 24.5 mpg interstate driving.

Chewed off all my cuticles.

Still finding myself hungry after the cuticle appetizer, weighed my dinner options and ended up grabbing a bag of Doritos, a Krispy Kreme donut and a diet Coke. In retrospect, the cuticles might have been the better option.

Practiced using my windshield wipers, in an effort to improve my rainy day driving skills. Discovered that my slow wipers have a 45-swish-per-minute rate while my fast wipers swish at one beat per second.

Wondered if our health insurance covers OCD therapy.

The highlight of my travel was upon arrival when I texted Kevin to say, "I'm here now!" My precious son wasted no time in responding with, "Darn. The assassins failed me again!"


Sara said...

I'm glad to hear it....the Burkina part. Although, the swish-per-minute rate is quite fascinating as well.

mnpolutta said...

I think I would have had to stop to take a nap along the way. That sounds like a long trip. It's a good thing you are able to entertain yourself so easily. :)

Summer said...

Just for the record, I'm quite glad the assassins failed. Your poor Kevipoo would be lost without you!!!