April 10, 2011

same song, second verse

Outside my window... it's completely dark, which is one of the loveliest things about living outside of town. On overcast nights, it is pitch black. On clear nights, the stars go on forever.
I am thankful... for Sunday afternoon naps. I am going to desperately need one tomorrow.

I am wearing... what I always wear
when I sleep alone. I seriously hope the New Madrid fault is content to remain inactive for at least another five hours.

In the learning room... it's 2:12 A.M. My brain quit functioning three hours ago.

I am remembering... that I left the corn casserole on top of the stove, so now I have to go down to the kitchen and put it in the fridge. At 2:13 A.M. Maybe I'll get a cookie.

I am going... to be a doula!!! Again, and again, and again, and again. One down and four to go already on my calendar for this year, and it's just April!

On my mind...too many things. Mostly why the British pronounce schedule as sheddule. This fully explains my wide-awakedness at 2:18 A.M.

Around the house... it's quiet as a mouse. No dishwasher, no fan, no clothes dryer, no snoring man, just the faint humming of my laptop.

One of my favorite things... the way my cell phone glows purple when there is a message I haven't seen yet. (note the phone above in my blog header.) I like purple . . . my phone, my purse, my toenails.

P.S. - It's 2:24. Shouldn't I be asleep?


Sara said...

Yes, ma'am you should be asleep. I hope you get that nap today!

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Don't forget! You have to be my Doula too, when the time comes. But that'll be 4 or 5 years down the road...

p.s. Jerad and I are considering moving to Benton after college.