August 26, 2011

matriculating and monosyllabic

My son is doing GREAT after his first week of college. How do I know? Because he communicates with me via daily numerous, concise texts. He's been so good at it, I've hardly noticed he's gone.

ME: We came home a different direction than we drove down yesterday.

KEV: Quicker?

ME: Considerably. Maybe 40 miles total, and mostly 4-lane.

KEV: Cool.

ME: Whatcha doing tonight?

KEV: Sleeping.

ME: The a/c went out on the van on the way home last night.

KEV: Serioiusly?

ME: Yep. We've got a hole in the condenser. Going to cost me $500.

KEV: Bummer

ME: Everybody at Reidland missed you this morning.

KEV: Duh.

ME: Whatcha doing this fine Monday night?

KEV: Homework.

ME: How was your second day of college?

KEV: Long.

ME: How were your classes?

KEV: Good

ME: So how was Pickle Ball?

KEV: Cancelled

ME: How's the drinking water at Harding?

KEV: Filtered

ME: The FOG (his softball team) is losing!

KEV: Tuesday?

ME: Yep, tournament finals, and they are getting pummeled.

KEV: Dang.

ME: This is ugly. They're gonna lose.


ME: They've pulled back to tie it up!

KEV: Awesome!

ME: They're behind again 8-12 after the 6th inning.


ME: They lost. The other team just couldn't miss tonight.

KEV: Dang.

ME: Did you change your online login information to Harding's website?


ME: I can't get on to pay tuition. Do I have the information right?

KEV: Yep

ME: Well, their system is having issues. It won't accept the bank's routing number and they don't take VISA.

KEV: Great.

ME: Hey, sometime over the weekend I want to hear about your first week.

KEV: Sure

ME: What did you do on your lovely Saturday off?

KEV: Laundry

ME: What are your plans for tonight??


ME: Oh my goodness. Seven days and you have to have hot wings and big screen ballgames. *BDUB is boy language for Buffalo Wild Wings.

KEV: :p

ME: Text your mommy!!!

KEV: Why?

ME: Cause she misses you and wants to hear about stuff!

KEV: Why?

ME: Cause she loves you and misses you!!!

KEV: Why?

ME: You're a pain.

KEV: Yep. :)

And, really, what else do I need to know?

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