August 10, 2011

Bad Habits - 26 and counting down

Okay, so last month's "not eating out" challenge went pretty well. Not perfectly, mind you, as friends brought me Chik-fil-A for lunch one day, and since there was the accompanying Polynesian sauce, consumption occurred. There was also an additional lunch date with the lovely Kayla, one of our teenage girls who was my slave-for-a-day and it would have been rude to release my slave and send her home without a Kirchhoff's Gyro and some Bubble Tea. But overall, I took my lunch to work every day for a month and I cooked. Not a lot, but enough that my son got Chicken Enchiladas and Seafood Nachos and seemed content.

This month . . . well, this month started crazy and hasn't slowed for one second. In the last 9 days I have: run errands for my friends who left for Africa, had a slumber party for Emily and Titus, drove these same friends to Chicago, toured Chicago for 3 days: Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Bubba Gump's, the 'Bean', the Shakespeare Theater, Gino's Pizza, and took Kevin to see the Smurfs Blue Man Group. Packed, unpacked, went to Cohen's FIRST birthday party, ordered Kevin's textbooks (university bookstore price $515, price $230) completed all his financial stuff for school, had a 3-hour doula meeting, attended the Back-to-School Bash with our teens, church, work, bills, watched all the videos Kacey sent of Mayah being cute, and finally managed to wash the sheets on my bed a week past due, all while not scratching a nasty case of poison ivy AND juggling 11 games of Words with Friends on my iPod (which led to meeting a new friend and fellow-nerd, Bernie from British Columbia, who is wordy and witty and beats me more than I beat him. But that's a blog topic for another day.)

Anyhoo . . . this puts me 9 days late beginning a new month of self-improvement. And since I didn't start improving myself on time, I don't see the point in starting now. Who needs a better me anyway?

Just kidding.

Month 26 is (drum roll. You will be SO shocked by this one): WATER. As in drinking it. Lots of it. On a daily basis. Apparently people do this and it's supposedly good for you. So, I start tomorrow and will hope this one sticks permanently. Haha. Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

HOLD ON. He beats you? MORE than you beat him? I don't believe you. Or maybe I just don't believe that you keep playing him. :) HaHa. Kidding. I'm SO glad you're back to blogging regularly again. I missed reading!


Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Chicago look up Roy! You'd be just as impressed with him as I am with Kasey!

Kathy Sue

NinjaPrincess said...

Did ya wave at me as you drove past? :) We were in Effingham for a family reunion a few weeks ago. My oldest came home with lyme disease. Wooohoooooo!

~Stephanie said...

NinjaP - I think about you EVERY time I drive through there. And EVERY time I say . . . "One of these days!"