September 29, 2011

did I do that???

I fell in love a little bit today. He looks like a 7-year-old version of Steve Urkel: skinny little thing, black plastic glasses, missing front teeth, size 6 striped polo tucked into his dark jeans that were rolled up at the ankle. I swear. He loves cheese pizza, dinosaurs, the color yellow, recess and his teacher. He has a pet turtle and his 5-year-old brother is his best friend.

This LittleUrkelLookalike is my "Reading Buddy" for the next two years. We met today and broke the ice by making a dinosaur puppet with a foam head, button eyes, a pink felt tongue and some wicked rigatoni fangs. His puppet was SUPER AWESOME and because he was made from spongy foam, my little buddy named his dinosaur "Bob". (Get it? Spongy Bob?)

He says he wants me to teach him to read gooder.

Be still my heart.


Sara said...

Melt me...I love those kids...and I'm so glad you will teach him to be a good reader...because I know you will.

Sara said...

Could anything be more perfect?

~Stephanie said...

You two are gonna have to change your names . . . people are going to think 1) That I only have ONE friend and she comments aLOT or 2) Everybody who reads my blog is named Sara, which actually may be true.

I love you both :)

mnpolutta said...

Sweet! I can't wait to hear more.

janjanmom said...

U R one of the bestest teachers ever!! So glad for this new blessing in your life.

~Sara LOL