October 01, 2011


. . . or maybe I should call this one "Children of the Corn".

See, there are about 200 acres of big open fields, interjected with woods lining my walking place. In the spring it's soft and wet and freshly green. In the fall it encompasses every earthy color in God's creation. It's beautiful.


But SOMEBODY had the audacity to plant corn there very late in the season, and here it is October and I still can't walk there. Well, I COULD, but frankly Bigfoot has way too many places to hide now and it creeps me out. It's like my own personal corn maze, only with coyotes and camrys and I just don't feel safe.

Regardless, a quest is a quest, and October's goal in the quest for self-improvement is: exercise every day. There. I've said it out loud. Now I have to do it. If I can work it into my schedule. Just kidding.

Next blog: too many irons in the fire.


Not Sara said...

Exercise. You didn't mention what you have to exercise. Kegels?

~Stephanie said...


First, I LOVE that you are "not Sara". Too funny.

Second, like all good girls, Kegels have always been a regular part of the routine, of course. They will not be appearing on the 27-month self-improvement list.