August 08, 2008


Outside my office door sit two beautiful bridesmaids, two handsome best men, and an amazing wedding ceremony coordinator. Sixty feet away stand the most beautiful bride imaginable and her adorable groom. They are having their "moment" alone with just the photographer (the best friend I could ask for) before they head downtown for a wedding party photo session. Next door the "officiant", Pastor Mikey, is putting the finishing personal touches on his "all new material" service. I've only cried twice today, and they are happy tears (well, and those "where in the world did the time go?" tears).

The worship center has been completely transformed. It is gorgeous and looks like the picture I have had in my head, which is good. Kacey is pleased and said it is everything she dreamed. The weather today could not be more perfect. Low 80's, no humidity - perfect for afternoon pictures!

There is much to tell, which I will share over the next few days, but for now I have to go get ready to give away my baby girl.


Sara said...

Now this might make me cry and I am reading it after the fact....

I'm so tired though....anything might make me cry at this point!

See you in a few hours!

E.T.'s Mom said...

I'm like Sara, it's Saturday and NOW I've started crying! It was soooo beautiful, Stephanie. The perfect gift for a mommy to give the grown-up little girl she loves. I hope all Kacey's memories of the day are blessed ones!