August 12, 2008

red capes and white veils

Okay, so I share texts a lot. Before I delete them all, I should share the funny Kacey related ones.

From Sunday, January 20, two days after we bought a wedding dress: "HE TOLD HIS MOM!!!!!"

From February 21 -
"I think I'm getting my ring on Saturday night."

From March 29 - "Nathan is videotaping me cooking" (Somehow, I feel the novelty of this will wear off for both of them . . . )

From March 31 after returning from volunteer work in the Netherlands Antilles - "I've decided to save the world. Will you buy me a red cape for Christmas?"

From Kacey after a couple of premarital counseling sessions - "Will you buy us a Wii?" (My answer was a resounding "NO"). Response, "Nathan says the Wii is the grown-up video game, created for social interaction. We just talked about 'recreational intimacy' in counseling and we've decided that our intimacy is going to come from video games."

From Kacey on May 3 - "You rock my socks!" (I don't remember why I rocked her socks, but I felt it important to document in case she ever denies it in the future.)

From May 4 when I told them they were a cute couple - "Yeah. We're quite ecstatic about ourselves." :o)

From Kacey when I asked her to give me a hint about what she claimed was "the greatest Mother's day gift EVER" - "It's very Matchy-matchy."

From May 12 - "I may have just gotten myself in trouble: what stinkin' color are my fiance's eyes???" (Honey, when you get engaged after one date, it's understandable.)

From May 17 - "My birth control is Sprintec. Sounds like a cell phone plan."

From May 30 - "I love you more than anything baby! Be careful and call me if you get tired." (It is POSSIBLE she intended this text to go to Nathan.)

From June 16 upon learning that their have been some snafus with their wedding shower - "Nathan says just tell people to bring gifts and he'll provide the Little Debbies"

Kacey's response to the fact that I bought her Wolfgang Puck cookware for her shower: "SWEET!!! I'm extremely stoked!" (Stoked? I'll just be happy if a year from now you aren't hitting me over the head with one for buying you something "domestic"!)

From July 4 - "I'm housesitting for Bruce Springsteen's drummer!" (Actually, she was babysitting for the woman who was housesitting for Bruce Springsteen's drummer, but still, kinda cool.)

From July 6 when Kacey's hairdresser told her she didn't need to have a lingerie shower 'cause all she really needed was a great pair of shoes. I asked her later if she told Nathan that, and she said, "He likes that idea." I told her to tell him he was not allowed to think about that yet and she said, "He says he's just thinking in future tense."

From July 10 when I asked if she loved "the boy" more than she loved me - "As the flow of nature is supposed to work! Daughter leaves mother and cleavers boy. Something like that."

From July 10 when I told her my best friend and I were going to "Thelma & Louise it this weekend" she had the audacity to respond - "Mom, going shopping out of town does NOT make you two Thelma and Louise. . . unless you're planning to bbq dad."

From July 10 after she had been texting me EVERY STINKIN' DAY for weeks asking me what she should cook Nathan for dinner and I got tired of coming up with new recipes and started telling her things like McDonald's drive-thru window - "But mom, apparently I'm a good cook. You have to help me keep up this facade!"

From July 11 when I told her I was going to pick up my nephew - "Your nephew? Are you talking about the dog??? Mom, you're hysterical."

From one morning EARLY when I was ACTUALLY sleeping, "MAWMY . . . wake UK (that's what she used to say when she was little and would wake up before I did). I'm going to keep texting you until you wake up and talka me!!!"

From Saturday, the day after her wedding: "Mommy, I got married last night. WHATTHECRAP???"


E.T.'s Mom said...

Hilarious! Are you going to be dead meat when she reads this?

~ Stephanie. said...