August 06, 2008

the calm before the storm

Today is the calm before the storm. Either that, or we're in the eye of the hurricane and just haven't realized it yet. Mom & Lindsay finished up the shopping this morning by getting all the supplies for the punch and getting the little fan-tailed goldfish that will grace five tabletops. From there they went back to the house with Kacey and finished up the programs, and then proceeded to Billene's to finish dress fittings and alterations. In the meantime, I finished printing food cards and programs, paid my bills, did prep work for my co-op literature class, changed the time on my hair appointment, and ordered ZOE cd's for the praise team. At 12:45 I found myself . . . with nothing to do until my 2:00 class!!! I wasn't even thinking about wedding things because I feel completely prepared for the next 56 hours. (Operative word: FEEL. I could be completely delusional.)

Kacey bounced into bed with me last night a little after midnight and we talked until the wee hours of the morning. It was nice. She's going to be a good little married person.

The rental stuff arrives in the morning at 8:30ish. From there the day will be non-stop decorating, which I'm kind of looking forward to. Mikey is stressing because we have told him he has to come up with "all new material" for the wedding. No repeats from David & Halah's 2 weeks ago! :o)

Our communication skills in general have left a lot to be desired. It's funny how you think about something so much but manage to neglect ever telling anybody else what is running through your head. I'm sure people have felt "left out" of this whole process, but there has been so little work to share. Mostly, I have to admit, because I can be a control freak. Ryan & Lesli have done the entire video production, which has been a huge project. Vicki & Glen have given the kids their honeymoon, plane tickets and all, and Vicki is undertaking the rehearsal dinner for a fairly huge number of people! After helping with the first 6, I turned over my florist hat to mom and let her run with all the centerpieces. It is definitely "her thing". Sara has been my right hand for the last six months - she made it so much more fun than if I had been doing it by myself. Sara M., my little green friend, has jumped in as ceremony coordinator and taken away most of my stress the last week or two by putting everthing on paper and helping us think through logistics. Other than that, there just hasn't been much else to share. Kacey has made most of the decisions, and I have done my best to execute. There have been crossed wires and Bridezilla moments, but nothing we can't chalk up to two hormonal women who love each other deeply.

I am so looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. Maybe even until 6:45. :o)

That's about it for now. Not much else to do until after church tonight when we can finish moving the chairs, vacuum, move in the stage & the food tables, take down the artwork, etc.


Sandy said...

Mike can use our wedding sermon- neither John nor I paid a bit of attention to it... John was too busy cracking jokes and I was too busy trying to get him to behave. It would be totally new to everyone! :-)

E.T.'s Mom said...

It's going to be beautiful! You've done an amazing job of putting together THE wedding. May the stress stay low. :D