August 01, 2008

can you say, "McGross"?

Margarine melts when heated. And not just margarine in a tub, but also those 1/2 cup paper-wrapped sticks. They become bubbly yellow liquidy goodness . . . when you leave them in the floor of your car.

Can you say, "oh, so greasy!?"

Combine that with the 3-day-old meat in my purse (reference my last blog) and the who-knows-how-old french fry escapees that litter the floor mats, and I may have created the most disgusting fast food chain ever.

I so need a vacation.


ryanandlesli said...

I would suggest a different advertising strategy if you ever open up that fast food chain! :o)

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh Stephanie, that's nasty!