August 04, 2008

the "to-do" list

The things in blue have been accomplished since yesterday! We are moving along! The linens arrived via FedEx today, so that's one worry gone!

Finish printing the programs
Finish assembling the programs
Alter straps on outfit
Go to florist
Paint foamboard
Mount the artwork
Finish the placecards
Review RSVP's & placecards to make sure everyone has been included
Do a seating chart for 24 tables
Move chairs out of the worship center
Build song lyrics for the screen
Distill water for the fish
Buy fish
Get final fittings and alterations for bridesmaids
Email/Facebook clean-up crew
Buy coffee and creamers
Transport remaining glass pieces from home
Call hairdressers
Buy plates and punch supplies
Order lunch food for set up day & wedding day
Pick up food for set up day & wedding day
Buy drinks, snacks & such for above
Call rental company and add bistro tables
Call Trees & Trends to arrange pick up
Remove artwork and podium from worship center
Hang wedding artwork
Turn off the baptistry so it doesn't make noise
Cover & decorate the foyer bulletin board
Hang curtains in the foyer
Steam curtains once they are hung
Move in 2 sections of the JAM stage
Move in food tables
Put table & bins in hallway for dirty dishes
Find 17 extension cords (okay, 5)
Set up the upstairs classroom as a dressing room
Rehearsal Dinner
Hair appointments
Nail appointments
Photo session

104 hours. This is the short list. Won't be blogging until next week. Pray for productivity and sanity. Kacey & I have a "code phrase" for when we're getting on each other's nerves: "Don't eat my chicken!" You can't say it and stay irritated. This is actually fun again, but I'm really, really, really, really REALLY glad my younger child is a boy.

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Ah, much less stressful than the first time you posted. Good job!